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Complete SEO Checklist for 2023—Makes Your Site Rank Better

What does it take for your site to rank better on search engines or attract more visitors? This blog entails a complete SEO checklist to help you achieve marketing goals. 

Everyone says SEO is important. But why exactly? In the simplest terms, it has the power to bring in traffic right to your website and boost your ranking! Therefore, digital marketers and businesses need a guide for best SEO practices to grow their businesses. A quick research about the topic will lead you to extensive SEO Checklist ranging from local SEO, international SEO, and e-commerce SEO.

There was no definitive source for an SEO Checklist that could cover most conditions. We decided to come up with our list!

This blog offers an ultimate SEO checklist to boost your website’s ranking. We’ve laid out some essential tips for SEO tasks that can also play a role in a successful business strategy.

Dive in!

Basic SEO Checklist for Websites

Use Google Search Console

It is a place to register your website with Google. To get started, navigate to Google Search Console and log into your Google account. This is where you submit requirements about your business with Google. With time, you can submit sitemaps and perform maintenance tasks on the console.

Leverage Bing Webmaster Tools

To those unaware, Bing is Microsoft’s search engine tool loaded with site owners’ tools. It can be helpful to index your site on Bing. This tool also features SEO and other functions to help websites grow.

Submit XML Sitemap

An XML Sitemap helps search engines understand what content you have on your site, which speed fasts the indexing. This process literally helps the sites to rank better on search engines.

Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool offered by Google that aids in tracking down site visitors and their engagement with the site. As you get better with its functioning, you can use it as a strategic tool to build SEO strategies and perform other site maintenance tasks.

Keep a Check on Your Site Speed

Site speed is an important ranking factor for sites. There are chances that your site will lose rank if the site runs slow. If you want to increase the loading speed of your site, use Google Page Speed Insights.

Ensure You Have a Mobile-First Design

The following crucial ranking factor is your site’s mobile browsing experience. Ensure your site has a neat format and is easy to navigate on mobile browsers. Mobile-first indexing is a crucial factor in enhancing search engine rankings. 

Pay Heed to External SEO

There are essential things besides site architecture and on-page SEO, like off-page SEO. This is an optimal way to find out about the competitor’s performance, keep a tab on backlinks, and work on social media competition. 

This blog features an essential SEO Checklist that can help your site rank better and increase visibility. In the next blog, we’ll go in-depth with this checklist with keyword research, technical SEO, on-page content, off-page SEO, and post-publishing SEO checklist. Make sure you read each of our blogs to gain a holistic understanding of ways to harness SEO for site growth and build a robust SEO strategy to meet your marketing goals.

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