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Top 5 Google Ranking Factors That Are Important To Focus On

You may increase your possibility of showing up in the search results for your target audience by using what you know of search ranking criteria. Your conversion & income can be inflated due to raised online presence.

There is also a more pragmatic rationale: you want to focus your efforts on the Google ranking factors that will yield the most incredible returns on your investment. Besides, you must apply the Pareto Principle or the 80-20 rule even if you are working with an SEO or social media marketing agency. It will help if you concentrate on these key drivers because 20% of your search ranking accounts for 80% of your results.

You must thus assess and decide which ranking variables will help you achieve your goals in the forthcoming months. Your top choices, some of which are non-negotiable, are as follows:

On-Page Optimization

Thanks to on-page SEO services, you can focus on components that search engines can visit. A reliable content writing company knows how crucial it is to develop optimal meta descriptions and header tags, as this helps Google bots understand your content.

Additionally, you can boost your site’s organic traffic by carefully updating the meta descriptions, H1s, and titles of your pages.

Although there have been allegations of Google substituting meta tags with sections from your content’s body, you should still create relevant, appealing meta tags for each page.


It is another SEO ranking factor that holds great importance. It pays to be aware that mobile users are expected to reach roughly 7.5 billion in 2025, whether you’re using organic SEO or PPC management services. Since announcing mobile-friendliness as a ranking criterion, Google has anticipated and capitalized on this development.

The search engine behemoth went a step further in 2019 by giving websites’ mobile versions indexing preference over their desktop counterparts.

Mobile users can readily traverse a website’s pages if it is mobile-friendly. Your web design and development team can use a free mobile-friendly test from Google to assess the web pages’ performance. Using Google’s Mobile Usability Report, your local SEO specialist can examine your mobile site for issues and errors.

Passage Ranking

Anyone performing SEO shouldn’t be concerned about Google’s internal algorithm tweak known as passage ranking, whether they work for an eCommerce business or a corporate reputation management company. This Google ranking factor entails indexing and independently rating a piece from the page’s content. It demonstrates how the search engine has enhanced at defining the context of the data and choosing a section that instantly responds to a query.

Nevertheless, any righteous content writing company should view it as a test of or affirmation of its ability to produce high-quality content.

Video Search

The value of including videos in your SEO strategy cannot be overstated- This is what we believe at Xpress Ranking. For 72% of consumers looking for marketing content, video is preferred above text.

There is positive news for those focusing on brand reputation management or eCommerce optimization. Online videos are convincing because any successful YouTube or SMM business attests. After watching a video, 84% of individuals declared they felt pressured to make a purchase or sign up for a service.

John Mueller from Google announced the introduction of new video structured data that will improve the visibility of your films.

As follows:

Clip markup: Properties that let you provide labels and timestamps in your video, which Google will display to your potential audience.• Look for markup: Properties that instruct Google where timestamps should be included in the URL structure of your video, allowing the search engine to identify critical moments and direct viewers to specific areas in your video.

Link Building

Not to mention, backlinks are still crucial when talking about Google ranking factors. If inbound links are from high-authority pages, they can help your website rank better in search results and direct new users to it.

However, as Google has improved at identifying unnatural linking patterns, you now require more refined link-building services. Diversifying your sources and designing strategies that produce quality links are vital.

It also works to match your game plan with your most lucrative channels. Our suggestion? Speak to an SMM company about the benefits of compiling social links, or ask a local SEO expert about the value of spreading backlinks for your neighborhood firm.

The Bottom Line!

That’s quite a list. Here are the key elements of Google ranking to sum up. Which of the following SEO ranking factors from this list was new to you? We would like to know now. Here we have overlooked various other factors to take into account. You should find out what we have just missed.

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